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Clinching his third Beasley Memorial win was not to be for the 35 year old racer who hails from Echuca.

Making the three hour journey to race this past weekend is nothing new for the team, they are by far Victorian Speedcar's most travelled team, but the ending to the night was not as sweet as what everyone had hoped.

A huge effort had been put in by so many to get Squizzy back on track after the Hamilton accident and it was no doubt disappointing for everyone to walk away without the result. "Sure, to not finish is disappointing but we've got to look at the positives here.....number one my car is still straight! and secondly we showed great speed and ability. I love running at Avalon, I've done a lot of laps here and feel very much at home".

Mills was not happy after hot laps and a number of changes were made in a flurry to get the car right for the opening rounds of heats. With 19 cars in attendance it was critical that we get good heat results and maximum points. A p5 start to second was not an easy feat. Squizzy battled lap after lap and was eventually able to make the pass on Paul Farrell in turn 1-2 of the last lap but had to settle for second as winner Robbie Gordon was well ahead.

The second rounds of heats was no easier. Mills sat in second place searching for a way around his brother-in-law Andy Pearce for 7 laps! Again it came down to the last lap but Squizzy was able to make his move in the last turn.

Qualifying second for the main event a special bonus was offered that could've changed everything. Some pretty hefty money was offered to the top 3 qualifiers to start from the year of the field, but with still almost all cars running and a tricky track to pass on it was declined by all 3. However the offer was taken up by Pearce who was due to start on the outside second row.

The 20 lap main event was off to a great start for the team. Squizzy got the jump on Troy Jordan into the first turn but he had to do it all again as a yellow was called for a stationary car. Squizzy again seized the opportunity and took the lead on the restart and never looked back. Mills stretched his lead lap after lap until he was almost half a lap in front. He looked comfortable and at ease and many thought the win was his.

It was at about half race distance that all that changed, Mills pulled in with everyone struggling to work out why as there appeared no visible reason. On his return to the pits it was discovered the oil gauge (in the cockpit) had fallen apart causing oil to spew out onto Squizzy. He was covered in oil as was the entire cock pit.

Paul Farrell went on to take the win from Andy Pearce, Troy Jordan and Johnny Kyriacou.

Mills Motorsport will obviously be purchasing and replacing the oil gauge (although it was only 2 races old!). Our next event is round 3 of the Aussie Jays Southern Speedcar Tour at Mid-Western Speedway, Darlington.

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