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It’s fair to say the Australian Championship tested the team’s abilities and emotions.

The first night of competition is one the team would rather forget as they struggled to get a grip on the unfamiliar track. The results were mixed and there were glimmers of hope to turn it around but the team were perplexed by the car’s lack of reaction considering all the changes that were made.

Night two bought so much more. Some major gear changes finally got the car working like it should and it looked like the team were making lemonade from lemons……. But just as Squizzy was about to gain himself a transfer position from the Bmain into the Championship race, disaster struck. Whilst leading the Bmain by an exceptional distance the car came to an unexpected halt mid turn. Without any obvious signs of any problems onlookers were confused. Upon returning to the pit area it was discovered that the mechanism that runs the belt that powers the oil and fuel pumps had snapped and the belt had fallen off! Without oil and fuel pumping into the engine it just doesn’t go.

Unfortunately this Australian Championship campaign was frustrating for the team eyes now turn to the annual running of the Tim Crouch Memorial.

The Tim Crouch Memorial is in its 7th year and is a night to remember and honour one of our own. Tim was an exceptional human and it was truly a pleasure to have known him. The team is also extremely proud to have had some great success at this event having finished 3rd, 1st and 2nd in the events first 3 years respectively. “I’d love nothing more than to make the podium tonight. This event means a lot to our team as we raced side by side with Tim and enjoyed down time at the track with him and his family. It really is an event to remember and reflect what a great man he was and we’re delighted to be back at Murray Bridge racing in his honour” principle driver Squizzy Mills states.

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