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Two podiums in two weeks has kick started Squizzy and the Mills Motorsport Team into what is hoped to be a great 2017 of competition.

Over the previous two weeks the team has contested two of the most prestigious events on the Speedcar calendar.

January 8th saw the running of the 72nd Victorian Speedcar Championship. On debuting the new Spike chassis, Squizzy was hopeful of a solid performance and importantly get some laps under his belt.

To come away at the end of the night with a2nd place finish, exceeded all expectations. A third and second place finish in the heats, followed by a bronze finish in the dash delivered a p7 starting grid. Upon forming up, Squizzy was promoted to a p5 start as a result of Nathan Smee (originally gridded p3) being required to start rear of field after having to change a tire on the infield prior to the race commencement.

Mills got a great start and slotted into third on the first lap and immediately set out to chase down the leaders. Some ground was lost early but as the race progressed Squizzy found his rhythm and began to close the gap. Nathan Smee by this stage had come from the rear to the front and led the race in the closing stages leaving Squizzy sitting in 4th position. Squizzy was able to pass Troy Jenkins and on the last lap Squizzy made a bold move and passed Michael Stewart with a slide job in the last turn to take 2nd place.

Following that confidence boosting run the team competed in the annual G-Town Rumble at Avalon Raceway. This is another event Squizzy had won numerous times in the past and the team were confident of another podium finish.

Heat race results of 1st and 4th; gave Squizzy the best chance as the highest qualifier (equal with star rookie Kaidon Brown but Mills had the fasted lap times); however the VSDA run and inversion format at Avalon Raceway. The top 6 were inverted and Squizzy was required to start from the outside third row.

Twenty laps were on the board and on a very slick race track Squizzy had his work cut out for him. A poor start saw him slip back to 7th in the early laps, but as the laps progressed Squizzy slowly but surely worked his way forward and was hot on the tail of the young Brown.

Kaidon ran a tight line not allowing any opening for Mills to make a move. A caution was in place with literally a lap remaining and unfortunately for Squizzy the race was declared and he would have to settle for 2nd.

Squizzy stated in his acceptance speech that it was an honour to be on the podium with the fresh talent coming through the VSDA.

These results have provided the entire team with much needed confidence going into the second half of the season.

The team now turns its focus to the Australian Speedcar Championship to be contested at Brisbane’s Archerfield Raceway on February 3rd and 4th

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