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Last Saturday night saw the Squizzy Mills 10v debut after 18months on the sidelines. The team pretty much picked up where they left off in terms of professionalism and presentation; something that they pride themselves on. “We’ve got some major corporate backing and it’s important to us that we represent their brand with the utmost respect that they deserve” Kate Mills explained

In terms of the racing Squizzy stated that he felt a little rusty, but it certainly didn’t look that way.

A 6th place starting grid resulted in a solid 4th place finish in the first heat of the night against the likes of Mark Brown (97v) and Paul Farrell (2v). A slight issue with the jacobs ladder hindered performance but that was just a minor setback.

Heat two saw Squizzy beginning from pole position, but lap after lap it didn’t look like he would finish in the same position. Stuart Ferguson pulled an inside pass in turn one and turn in the early stages of the race and for every lap after that Mills tried unsuccessfully to regain the win. It wasn’t until the last turn on the very last lap that Squizzy managed to make a bold move and the two went down the front straight side by side and looked as if they crossed the line together. The win was eventually awarded to Mills.

After two rounds of heats Squizzy was the second highest qualifier behind Jessica Moulden (29v). Normally this would mean a front row start but a new inversion format for the VSDA season meant the Dutton Garage 10v would start from position 5 for the 25 lap Amain.

The green light signalled the start of a mostly uneventful race. Two cautions were called on lap 7 for Moulden and lap 20 Grant Patton (0v). A narrow track didn’t allow for a lot of passing unless except in the case of driver error, this meant Squizzy would only manage a 4th place finish. A 4th place finish, no mechanical issues or broken equipment after an 18month hiatus amongst a strong field has to be considered a good night.

The Mills Motorsport team next heads to Valvoline Raceway on November 12th

Mills Motorsport would like to thank all our valued partners


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