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Mills Motorsport and driver Travis ‘Squizzy’ Mills are very excited to announce…….We’re Back!

After taking a break from competition for the 2015-2016 season, the team can confirm the 10v Speedcar will be back circulating speedways throughout Australia this coming 2016-2017 season.

On the back of 5 seasons being one of Australia’s most travelled Speedcar teams, the team took a much needed break. “The season off has done us all good. We were all exhausted and really needed the break. Our boys finally got a family holiday that didn’t revolve around a race meeting and our property got some TLC. Everyone is rejuvenated and ready to go racing and do what they love again. I personally feel a hunger to go racing, it’s exciting to feel this way again” Squizzy states.

The team is currently finalising all the last minute details prior to unveiling their all new look and hitting the track. The chassis itself is the Eagle last piloted during the 2015-2016 season with a couple of little updates and modifications. Under the hood will again be a GRD power plant, this time it’s a new billet Eagle engine recently purchased by the team. “For us the combination was a no brainer. This is our third GRD engine and we can’t fault them. And the Eagle chassis has proved to be a great investment too. We’re still learning about it but to be honest we’re extremely happy with it. We’ve given it a fair workout with a couple of bingles and it has definitely held up well. It’s a great package, It’s definitely going to be up to me to deliver”.

The current season is anticipated to be a busy one for the team as they contest most of the major events along the east coast of Australia. It all begins next week when the team unveils their new look during a static display at Etihad Stadium for the 2016 Speedway Grand Prix (Saturday 22nd October).

Stay tuned for sponsor announcements in the coming days


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